The foundation for sustaining organizational transformation, high performance and leadership in any organization is fostering effective synergy of personal and organizational excellence for sustainable organizational transformation, leadership, change and performance.


In todays fast paced business world, the necessity for organizational change is more important than ever for an organization to survive and thrive. Organization Development (OD) emphasizes on creative opportunities for corporate growth, hence OD is an important tool in planning, enhancing and managing individual and organization effectiveness through collaboration among employees. Especially in todays competitive landscape, fast changing market conditions and challenging economic environment, organizations (private, public or non-profit) have to understand the importance of OD. They have to anticipate, evaluate, and proactively respond to external shifts by aligning structure and management approach and put systems and cutting-edge tools in place to develop specific action plans for renewing the client’s organization and to proactively respond to these challenges if they are to survive and thrive. Organizations need to become more nimble, more customer-driven, more innovative, more effective. They need to attract and retain competent and committed employees. This will require more flexible organizational structures, new styles of leadership, and new ways of working.

Atkinson Stuart helps to build the OD framework for a change process designed to lead to desirable positive impact to all stakeholders and the environment. We analyse the relationship between the client’s strategy, culture, and execution, and identify the organization’s cultural challenges and areas for change and support clients to rethink existing practices and norms in order to develop a culture that values stability and efficiency. Through problem-solving sessions, our clients develop practical approaches that balance short-term success with long-term strategies. We advise and support our clients to develop judgment to make effective organizational changes. The process identifies areas of company operations where change is needed. Each need is analyzed and the potential effects are projected into a change management plan. The plan outlines the specific ways in which the change will improve company operations, who will be affected by the change and how it can be rolled out efficiently to employees.

Atkinson Stuart offers a comprehensive set of Organization Development solutions to improve the effectiveness of the organization, achieve corporate goals, build capacity, creatively manage challenges and change.