Telecommunication operators are facing a rapidly transforming business model. Competition from technology companies is creating fierce challenges over the ownership of customers and service innovations, pricing pressures and network capacity are idensifying scrutiny on return on investment. Additionally regulator pressures and shareholder expectations require agility and cost efficiency.

We at Atkinson Stuart can draw a worldwide network of experts with a wide range of experience of this sector. Our TMT practice supports management and supervisory board providing search consulting services to mobile and integrated operators, digital medial companies and networking as well as equipment firms in both mature and emerging markets.

We help to find the right people with the right leadership skills who are able to succesfully anticipate technological, economical and regulatory developments and rapidly size the commerical opportunities, establish and manage next generation services to monetize broadband and how to partner with media and technology players to increase revenue pools or have expertise in customer life cycles, revenue assurance, working capital management, risk, regulatory strategies and compliance, costs reductions, m&a, financial and operational improvements or other corporate functions.