Oil and gas prices are at record highs, and are not expected to decline given the growing demand for these resources. Replacement reserves are located in more challenging locations, including deeper offshore waters and more remote onshore locations. Energy companies are diversifying their product mix, as non-traditional fuel sources become more price competitive, and alternative fuels are gaining interest. Technology is driving breakthroughs in both hydrocarbons and new energy sources. Unconventional hydrocarbons, such as shale oil and gas, bitumen and coal bed methane and other sources expanding the supply of oil and gas and showing rapid growth.

Uncertainty is running high this decade. Changing (tighter) regulatory, safety and environmental requirements, governance and reporting issues, competition by companies seeking greater participation in the global oil marketplace. Companies continue to weigh the risks versus benefits of new projects, new products and how much capital to invest.

Atkinson Stuart works with companies throughout the world, helping the management and supervisory board seeking outstandingly oil & gas business professionals who understand the challenges of this industry, and have the knowledge and experience to manage the changes. Drawing from our worldwide network of experts, research partners and our own databases we are able to identify, multicultural, creative doers with a flair for lateral thinking and the ability to recognise market potential, attractive growth and high margin acquisition opportunities, generating significant, sustained, and growing cash flows, enhance technology capabilities and reserve bases, capturing and weight all risk across the enterprise and the impact on the business.