Recent years have proven much more profitable for the mining industry. High commodity prices continue to drive improved results across a range of key performance indicators for the industry. Improvements in profitability mask substantial increases in operating costs, which have occurred due to supply side constraints. Operating expenses have continued their increase, as has exploration expenditures. However, profit margins are expected to remain high for the near future, driven by exceptional demand sustaining the current commodity price levels. Indeed, we live in interesting times. Unprecedented demand, primarily driven by Asia, continues. New supply is coming on stream for many commodities, but is struggling to catch demand, partially as a result of under investment in the 1990s.

Challenges ahead include improving mining safety, managing the complexities of environmental and regulatory requirements, and improving financial performance through improved processes and cost controls. Mining companies around the world are responding to these challenges through innovative strategies - seeking new capital resources, technological improvements, and consolidation.

We at Atkinson Stuart can draw a worldwide network of experts with a wide range of experience of this sector. Our Metal & Mining practice supports management and boards of directors providing search consulting services to small and large companies to niche players and commodity producers through the entire value chain from mining through distribution including marketing, sales, corporate finance, risk management, human resources management, IT, tax, legal and regulatory. We help our clients to trace and motivate people who are able to successfully anticipate technological, economic and regulatory developments and rapidly seize the commercial opportunities that arise to enhance the company’s competitive advantage.