Amid todays economic turbulence, the building, construction, real estate and engineering industry encompassing a broad spectrum of interests is full of uncertainties and face increasingly complex challenges. However, one constant is the insatiable demand for energy and infrastructure in all forms, which is causing a fundamental shift in focus for nearly all players in the sector. These include the traditional players, such as owners, investors, developers, lenders, and engineering and construction firms as well as non-traditional players, such as banks, insurance companies, special servicers, and pension funds.The 'old' imperatives of commercial, residential and industrial building projects have taken second place in many geographies to energy, natural resources, transportation, communication and technology and other vital civil and social infrastructure projects. Much of this change is driven by the pressing challenge of urban growth; with the proportion of the world’s population living in cities set to rise dramatically, there?is immense pressure to provide an effective and reliable support network to the teeming millions.

We at Atkinson Stuart can draw a worldwide network of experts with a wide range of experience of this sector. Our infrastructure practice supports managements and boards of directors providing search consulting services to meet the great infrastructure challenge of next decade and make us an important source for key executive and professionals in all functional areas of expertise including: General building construction, industrial construction, road & tunnel construction, project management, design, finance. We also serve virtually every segment of the real estate industry: investors, developers, lenders, general contractors, REITs, real estate service firms, and corporate real estate. Representative searches include: CEO, CFO, CIO, president, EVP, regional VP, operation manager, branch manager, risk manager, estimating manager, and business development manager as well as all kind of corporate function roles.