The Western world’s challenging economic conditions bought renewed vulnerability and fragility to consumer market, and the inflationary pressures and slowing GDP growth within the large emerging economies of Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Philipines are the reasons for consumer reluctance to spend.

CG companies need innovative ideas, to improve operations throughout their organizations, just-in-time-marketing intelligence, transformative concepts to shorten product development, manufacturing, or supply chain activities, or innovative ways to leverage information technology to address fast-changing business needs, and in order to win the fierce competition among brands for retail shelf space.

Atkinson Stuart works with companies throughout the world, helping the management and supervisory board seeking outstanding consumer industry professionals in the fields of Durable, Footwear & Apparel, Food & Beverage, Home & Personal Care who have the knowledge and experience to manage the changes, who are able to anticipate and serve ever-changing customer needs, create innovative solutions and strategies that keeps them price-competitive, category leading and consumer-savy.