Global competition, cost pressure, uncertain markets and a rapidly changing regulatory environment are forcing financial services companies to increasingly gear the management and development of their resources to performance. They must reorient their business, and seek and retain the best talent. Successful companies are those with clear positioning and a strong brand - but in the financial industry, these are often interchangeable. A mere handful of companies manage to achieve clear quality, price and innovation leadership, and few people can even name the niche players in this industry. Staying ahead of the domestic and international competition in terms of balance sheet assets, market share and return on equity means redefining the business model, breaking up the value chain, and concentrating and dynamically linking the most effective drivers - for example development, production, transactions, marketing and distribution. The result is that distributed value chains will become an increasingly important feature of the financial services landscape as well.

To emerge as a winner from this historic process of consolidation, financial service providers need the power to innovate, entrepreneurial dynamism, fighting spirit and courage, combined with the ability to anticipate developments and correctly assess the risks. The winners will be those who are able to provide customer-friendly service with real utility coupled with a sensibly proportioned range of transparent and comprehensible key products that generate performance, and inspire the trust and enduring loyalty of an increasingly sophisticated and demanding clientele.

Atkinson Stuart understands the nuances and challenges of this industry. We can draw on a worldwide network of experts, research partners and our own databases to support managements and boards of directors seeking outstandingly successful financial industry talent. We help you find multicultural, creative doers with a flair for lateral thinking and the ability to recognise market potential and redefine and implement business models that will enable your organisation to survive and succeed in this critical phase of transformation. Our services are geared to companies operating in private and investment banking, securities dealing, commercial banking, asset management, investment funds and portfolio management, and credit card companies. We help companies fill senior positions in marketing and sales, product development, quantitative and fundamental research, portfolio management, risk management, finance and accounting, ALM, compliance, legal services, IT, HR, communications and other corporate functions.