Technology companies face many common challenges, whether they are in software or IT-services, digital devices or network infrastructure. They operate in global environment. The pace of changes is rapid and driven by the underlying velocity of thechnology, the emergence of new competitors, the evolution of customer needs and expectations, and business-model innovations that reverberates across the world. As a result, they face a number of strategic and operational questions.

Computer and networking: The computer and networking market continues to grow globally, fuelled by the growth in enterprise computing and the proliferation of mobile communications devices. In this competitive and highly concentrated industry, companies face intense price competition and growing demands by shareholders to fulfil expectations around earnings. In turn, pressures drive strategies for faster time to market, supply chain optimisation, and merger opportunities.

Software: The software industry is in the midst of several key shifts driven in large part by advances across the technology industry. In the consumer-facing world, the distinction between software providers and Web services is increasingly blurry as Software as a Service, SaaS, cloud computing, mobile applications, and social networks continue to enhance user interactions through digital means. Digital transformation is transforming customer support, sales and marketing, collaboration, media consumption and more, and software providers are rethinking both the software they sell and the software they use themselves to tap this shift in behavior by digital consumers.

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